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Turn your backyard pool into a “Liquid Gymnasium”

While giving it, “Unending Length”

Stationary & Resistance
Swimming cords

Perfect in any size or shape pool.
•    Swim ‘In-place’ at a steady pace.
•    Perform any swim stroke & kick.
•    Tones muscles & burns calories.

- Soft neoprene wraps around ankles.

- Opposite end anchors to object in or near pool.

Aquatic & Aerobic Fitness Cords

•    Great for cardiovascular wellness
•    Perfect for Aerobics ‘in & out’ of the water
•    Resistance cords used for rehabilitation
•    Portable & Compact – Perfect for Travel

Professionally Recommended:

•    Exercise Consultants
•    Swimming Coaches
•    Physical Therapists
•    Rehab Specialists