Swim Cords

Stationary swimming & resistance cords                        


 “SwimCords” are the ‘Original’ swimming cords designed for stationary (in place) and resistance swimming.

“SwimCords” turn any shape pool into ‘liquid gymnasium’ while giving the smallest of pools ‘unending length’.

SwimCords” was created for ‘Stationary’ swimming for backyard pool swimmers and the only resistance cords that have a dual anchor mount used for swimming, as well as, fitness & rehabilitation in and out of the water.

The SwimCords come in 3 different tension strengths:

#00111 - The SwimCords  “Original” $29.95 – 4 ft long x 3/16th in.

diameter Bungee with a stretch of 7+ ft. The “Original” is for ‘Stationary’ (in-place) swimming with light resistance. (Female recreational swimmers enjoy this tension best). Also perfect for stretching and aerobics in & out of the water.

*SwimCords are easy to use. Secure the Nylon webbing anchor by making a slip knot around any stationary devise in or near the pool; such as the hand rail, ladder, rope hook, etc. Then attach the Neoprene / Velcro straps snugly to each ankle, slide in the pool and your ready to swim!


#00112 - The SwimCords “Aqua-Aerobic” $29.95 – 4 ft long, 1 /4 inch diameter Bungee with a stretch of 7+ feet.

The “Aqua-Aerobic” is perfect for the recreational male & a stronger female swimmer. This tension & resistance is ideal for aerobics and resistance stretching out of the water.

* SwimCords allows you the freedom to perform nearly any swim stroke & kick while offering all the muscle toning & cardiovascular benefits swimming laps offers.


#00114 - The SwimCords “Fitness” $29.95 – 4 ft. long 5/16 inch diameter Bungee with a stretch of 7+ feet. The “Fitness” is designed for the master - competitive swimmer who desires greater endurance,  specific muscular strengthening and    development in his/her workout in and out of the water.

Included in each “SwimCords” bag are aerobic workouts written exclusively for the SwimCords by Olympic Silver medalist, multi World record holder and Swimming Hall of fame, ‘Coach of the Year’ “Clay Evans”.


Contact Information:

818-788-0882 (for outside the U.S.)